Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Code Enforcement

Carbon County Zoning And Code/Ordinance Enforcement


Code Enforcement

Mission Statement - To promote and maintain a safe, desirable living and working environment in Carbon County.  To preserve and improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased compliance program to correct issues of county codes and land use requirements.


  • Barking Dogs (contact Animal Services at 435-636-3747 or Carbon County Dispatch for after hours at 435-637-0890)
  • Cars Parked Illegally on the Road (contact Carbon County Dispatch at 435-637-0890)
  • Fire Code Violations (contact Zoning Enforcement-Frankie Hathaway at 435-636-3260 or County Fire Marshall - Jason Llewelyn at 435-636-3742)
  • Illegal Drug Sales/Manufacture (contact Sheriff's Office at 435-636-3251, Carbon County Dispatch at 435-637-0890, or if an emergency, 911) 

Code Enforcement and the 4th Amendment

County codes can cause angst on many levels. People either believe their privacy and the way they deal with their property is being infringed upon, or people think the actions of their neighbors are dragging down their own property values. It is really a no-win situation. Whatever a code enforcement official does is going to be scrutinized. Unless people have lived next to neighbors who don’t cut their lawns or keep their weeds controlled, who store junked-out cars in their yards or who leave trailers and vehicles parked in such a way that they block driveways, they may have no idea how frustrating it can be that codes aren’t enforced.

In some instances, it’s difficult to know where to draw the line because of that tenuous balance between property rights of the person and the neighbor.

Uncontrolled weeds and overgrown grass represent a nuisance and a fire hazard to you, your land and building, and to your neighbors. The County issues hundreds of Notices of Violations to property owners who violate the nuisance ordinance and/or fire code by not controlling weeds and grass on their property.

As a property owner or occupant, it is your responsibility to ensure your land is in compliance with the law throughout the year. Please “Cut your Risk – Cut your Grass and Weeds” and keep your property free of junk, trash, unregistered or inoperable vehicles or anything “not intended for outdoor use.”

No matter the size of your property, your individual effort is important to maintaining a safe and beautiful community. Your attention to this is appreciated. Please understand that first time offenders can be cited and be issued a Notice of Violation. Repeat offenders or those who fail to comply with the notice will be prosecuted through the court system.

Carbon County codes and ordinances exist to protect citizen’s rights, neighborhood aesthetics, property values, public safety, as well as to prevent the accumulation of materials that could pose a fire, safety or health hazards. The Code Enforcement staff seeks voluntary compliance to the Nuisance Ordinance and Development Code by providing citizens and businesses guidance and direction for the resolution of problems and violations in a friendly, fair and impartial manner.

The majority of citizens recognize the importance of compliance to our codes. To protect our citizens from those who disobey these codes, and to ensure the general health, safety and welfare of our community, codes must be enforced. The jurisdiction and responsibility for the enforcement of these codes has been delegated to code enforcement.


You can help to make Carbon County a better place to live, learn, work and play by familiarizing yourself with the standards and ordinances that are set forth for your own property or business. If you have a Code Compliance issue in your neighborhood, the following serves as an outline for the process by which those issues can be resolved:

  •  When filing a complaint with Code Enforcement, the complainant should provide specific and detailed information including the violation address, the nature of the issue and contact information.  Complaints are kept completely confidential.
  • You may file a complaint in any of the following ways:
    - In person at the Planning and Building Office, 65 S. 100 E., Price, Utah 84501
    - By telephone at 435-636-3260 (Frankie Hathaway)
    - By mail at:  Carbon County Zoning and Code Enforcement, Attn:  Frankie Hathaway, 120 E. Main St., Price, Utah 84501
    - By email at:
  • When filing a complaint, please provide the following information:
    - Name of violator (if possible)
    - Address of violation (required)
    - Detailed description of violation (required - please be as specific as possible - i.e., weeds that are 2 feet tall located along the southeast corner of the lot along the fence line, etc.)
    - Photographs, diagrams, etc.
    - Time and date you noticed the violation
    - Your name and telephone number (this information is kept strictly confidential but is required in the event you need to be contacted for additional information or details.  If code enforcement personnel are unable to contact you, the violation may not be resolved.)
  • A site visit is then conducted by a Code Enforcement Official to evaluate the property owner's compliance with County ordinances.  If the property is in violation, a two week notice to comply is issued.  Properties that remain out of compliance are subject to citation.
  • Carbon County does aggressively investigate and prosecute violations of the County Code.  Violators are given a reasonable opportunity to correct the violation.  Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances or an unusual violation, violators may negotiate a time line to correct the problem.  However, should the violation not be corrected, the County does issue citations and pursues fines in the Carbon County Justice Court.

Code of Ethics:  American Association of Code Enforcement
  • I will uphold the constitutional property rights of all citizens to ensure due process with fairness and consistency.
  • I will seek to improve the quality of life within my jurisdiction by enforcing all laws in an exemplary manner.
  • I will strive to inspire public confidence and trust in my profession by performing my duties with honor, integrity, truthfulness and fairness.
  • I will carefully avoid conflicts of interest, or appearance of impropriety, and will not accept, nor offer, any form of gift for the performance of my duties.
  • I will strive to become more knowledgeable of my profession through continuous training and education.
  • I will not permit personal feelings, prejudices nor influences (political or otherwise) to interfere, prohibit or delay the process of enforcement.

If you have any questions, please contact Zoning Administrator/Code and Zoning Compliance Official, Frankie Hathaway in the Carbon County Planning and Building Department at (435) 636-3260 or Doreen McCourt, Kim Wilcox or Beverly Thompson with Animal Control and Code Enforcement (435) 636-3747