Thursday, April 24, 2014

Carbon County prides itself on being a progressive, interactive, and inclusive community. Carbon Recreation strives to uphold these ideals by trying to offer the most diverse programs they can, including history and heritage tours, and reduced-fees for lower income families. We also offer all of the traditional sports programs, ranging from adult  softball and basketball leagues to children's soccer, basketball, wrestling, tee ball, tumbling and many more. All of our programs are open to everyone; including individuals, families, and groups from out of the area. Take a look at our webpage, check out our publication Carbon Leisure and call us if you have questions.
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Carbon County Recreation

PO Box 793

Price, UT 84501


Pre-registration is required.  Programs have minimum participation requirements and will not be held if there are not enough registrations.  Some programs also fill to capacity.  We attempt to run programs as planned.  However, details (dates, times, etc.) for programs are subject to change due to space availability or other reasons beyond our control.

Recreation has a strict refund policy.  Fees will be refunded in most cases prior to the beginning of an activity.  Youth sports programs will be refunded after the first activity.  In some cases refunds cannot be given after registration.  Printed copies of the policy are available at the office.

Recreation will waive half of the fee for children in low income families to participate in some programs.  Call the office for a list of programs or for more information.


  Office Hours:

 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm


30 East 200 South

Price, Utah 84501


(435) 636-3702


(435) 636-3719



Carbon County Recreation has rafting equipment, rock climbing equipment, snowshoes, ice skates, cross country skis, mountaineering equipment, backpacking equipment, and camping equipment available for rent.  Call for more details.
Special Meetings




Click on the picture above for a full PDF copy of our Winter 2014 Carbon Leisure!


Schedule Of Events


                                                           •  •  •

Apr 14         Tennis Lessons Begin

Apr 26         Firefighters 5K Run

Apr 26         CHS Spring Swing Softball Tournament

Apr 26         San Rafael History/Culture Tour

                                                                 •  •  •

May 1          Adult Softball Registration Deadline

May 17        9-Mile Canyon Tour

May 17        Mental Health Awareness 5K

May 20-21   CPR/First Aid Class

May 22        T-Ball Registration Deadline

May 23-24   Girls Fastpitch Softball 12U Tournament

May 30-31   Girls Fastpitch Softball 14U Tournament

                                                                 •  •  •

June 2          Day Camp Begins

June 9          Tennis Lessons Begin - Session 1

June 9          Baseball Camp Begins

June 13        Lunatic Triathlon

June 14        $10 RIVER TRIP! On the Green River

June 23        Soccer Camp Begins

June 28        Mike Ballard Memorial Golf Tournament

June 28        Range Creek Tour

                                                                 •  •  •

July 5           Climbing Wall @ Pleasant Valley Days

July 7           Tennis Lessons Begin - Session 2

July 7           Football Camp Begins

July 12         Greek Festival 5K

July 12         Climbing Wall @ East Carbon Community Daze

July 15-16    CPR/First Aid Class

July 19         Climbing Wall @ Wellington Pioneer Days

July 23         Co-ed Softball Registration Deadline

July 25         Climbing Wall @ International Days Kids Day

July 26         Climbing Wall @ International Days

July 26         International Days 5K Run, Basketball Tournament & Horseshoe Tournament

                                                                 •  •  •

Aug 4           Basketball Camp Begins

Aug 8-9        Climbing Wall @ Carbon County Fair

Aug 8-9        Softball Tournament @ Carbon County Fair

Aug 9           County Fair Mud Run

Aug 16         Helper Arts Festival 5K Run

                                                                 •  •  •

Sept 4           Fall Soccer Registration Deadline

Sept 4           Flag Football Registration Deadline

Sept 5           Hope Walk - Suicide Awareness

Sept 6           Range Creek Tour

Sept 11         Youth Volleyball Registration Deadline

Sept 13         Range Creek Tour

Sept 14         Range Creek Tour

Sept 16-17   CPR/First Aid Class

Sept 19         Range Creek Tour

Sept 25         Co-ed Volleyball Registration Deadline

Sept 26         Range Creek Tour