ORDINANCE 323 (pdf)

Mission Statement - To promote and maintain a safe, desirable living and working environment in Carbon County.  To preserve and improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased compliance program to correct issues of county codes and land use requirements.


  • Barking Dogs (contact Animal Services at 435-636-3747 or Carbon County Dispatch for after hours at 435-637-0890
  • Cars Parked Illegally on the Road contact Carbon County Dispatch at 435-637-0890
  • Fire Code Violations  - Zoning Enforcement-435-636-3260 or County Fire Marshall - 435-636-3742
  • Illegal Drug Sales/Manufacture contact Sheriff's Office at 435-636-3251, Carbon County Dispatch at 435-637-0890

  • For Emergency, 911


You can help to make Carbon County a better place to live, learn, work and play by familiarizing yourself with the standards and ordinances that are set forth for your own property or business. If you have a Code Compliance issue in your neighborhood, the following serves as an outline for the process by which those issues can be resolved:

  •  When filing a complaint with Sheriff's Office, the complainant should provide specific and detailed information including the violation address, the nature of the issue and contact information.  Complaints are kept completely confidential.
  • You may file a complaint in any of the following ways:
    - In person at the Planning and Building Office, 751 E 100 N Ste 2600, Price, Utah 84501
    - By telephone at 435-636-3260 
    - By mail at:  Carbon County Zoning and Code Enforcement, 751 E 100 N Ste 2600, Price, Utah 84501
    - By email at:  planning@carbon.utah.gov
  • When filing a complaint, please provide the following information:
    - Name of violator (if possible)
    - Address of violation (required)
    - Detailed description of violation (required - please be as specific as possible - i.e., weeds that are 2 feet tall located along the southeast corner of the lot along the fence line, etc.)
    - Photographs, diagrams, etc.
    - Time and date you noticed the violation
    - Your name and telephone number (this information is kept strictly confidential but is required in the event you need to be contacted for additional information or details.  If code enforcement personnel are unable to contact you, the violation may not be resolved.)
  • A site visit is then conducted by a Code Enforcement Official to evaluate the property owner's compliance with County ordinances.  If the property is in violation, a two week notice to comply is issued.  Properties that remain out of compliance are subject to citation.
  • Carbon County does aggressively investigate and prosecute violations of the County Code.  Violators are given a reasonable opportunity to correct the violation.  Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances or an unusual violation, violators may negotiate a time line to correct the problem.  However, should the violation not be corrected, the County does issue citations and pursues fines in the Carbon County Justice Court.