1. Where is the building department
    751 e 100 n Ste 2500 (Second Floor)
    Price, UT 84501
  2. When do I need a Permit
    New construction
    Changing occupancy
    New power or gas services
    Altering electrical, gas, or plumbing systems
    Window replacement if changing the size
    Solar Panels

    Work exempt from a building permit include:

    Agricultural buildings that meet the requirements for the Utah Agricultural Waiver
    Sheds and structures under 200 square feet
    Fences not over 7 feet high
    Retaining walls that are not over 4 feet high from bottom of footing to top of wall
    Sidewalks and driveways
    Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops, and similar finish work
    Prefab swimming pools less than 24 inches deep
    Swings and playground equipment
    Window awnings

    If you are not sure if a project requires a building permit, please call 636-3260 to verify.
    Failure to obtain a building permit before starting work will result in a penalty and fine.
  3. What codes are enforced
    Residential: 2015 IRC
    Commercial: 2015 IBC,Including Appendix J.
    IMC 2015, IPC 2015, IFGC 2015, IECC 2015, NEC 2014
    Utah State Amendments - State Construction Code
  4. What are the design criteria for Carbon County?
    Ground Snow Load - 43 psf (for snow loads in the Pleasant Valley and Scofield area refer to the Policy)
    Wind Speed - 90 mph exposure C
    Seismic Design - C and Do west of Helper
    Weathering - Severe
    Frost line depth - 24" and 36" in Scofield
  5. What do I need for a building permit?
    If you live in Price or East Carbon City please contact your city government offices.

    All other areas apply online or visit our office at 751 e 100 n Suite 2600 in Price during the hours of 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday. Closed 1 hour for lunch between the hours of 1:00-2:00 pm.

    The Following must be submitted for a building permit:

    Completed and signed Building Permit Application form (can also be
    submitted online)

    Contractor's name(s) and license number or a signed and notarized
    Owner/Builder Certification Form- *if Do-it Yourselfer

    A plot plan drawn to scale on 8.5" x 11" paper showing lot shape and dimensions, showing the street, front of the lot, and the set backs to property lines of all existing and proposed structures, utilities, and septic systems, including field drain, if applicable. Cabins in the MR and WS zones require a natural build-able site of 20,000 square feet having slopes less than 30 percent, or:

    If you are building in the Scofield Town, Helper, Wellington, or East Carbon you must provide proof of city zoning approval

    2 sets of plans drawn to scale (not less than 1/4" = 1") showing:
    Footing and foundation plan
    Wall framing, columns and beams with sizes - a cross section is preferred
    Floor framing, girder, joist and blocking sizes and spans
    Roof framing/rafter size and span or stamped truss sheet details (truss sheets may be deferred if on plan)
    Electrical plan
    Plumbing plan
    Heating, cooling, and ventilation plans with cooling and heating loss calculations
    Gas pipe sizing calculations

    Engineered WET stamped plans are required for all structures in the Scofield area Do Seismic zone. Copies will not be accepted. Engineered WET stamped plans may be required for your home or cabin if a light frame home has any of the following: unusual shapes or sizes, foundation or basement walls higher than 9 feet, a walk out basement, or a basement with a garage. Log structures which are not simple rectangles and do not meet the county policy for log structures shall be engineered with WET stamped plans. Copies will not be accepted.

    Proof of fees paid:

    Water connection from PRWID (435-637-6350)
    If central culinary water is not available, spring or well approval from Utah State Engineer, Marc Stilson (435-613-3750)
    Sewer hook-up from PRWID (435-637-6350) or the Scofield Reservoir Special Service District (435-636-3226)
    If area is not served by sewer, Individual Wastewater (septic) approval and permit must be obtained from Southeast Utah Health District (435-637-3671)


    When applying for a building permit in the unincorporated area of Carbon County a signed Road Encroachment Agreement must also be submitted to the County Road Shop (435-636-3268)
  6. What inspections will I need?
    Foundation Inspection:
    Footings, Walls, Structural Slabs - prior to pouring concrete

    Concrete Slab or Under Floor Inspection:
    Electrical and Plumbing Prior to Concrete

    Shear Wall Fasteners:
    Before Covering Sheathing

    Lath and Flashing:
    Stucco - Prior to covering


    Sheetrock Inspection:
    Only if living space above garage

    Utility Connections:
    Gas Meter

    Final Inspection:
    For Occupancy

    Call at least 24 hours (48 hours if located in Scofield, Clear Creek, or Beaver Creek areas) in advance to schedule (435-636-3260)
  7. What do I need for Gas or Power Clearance?
    Obtain a building permit
    Request inspection when installation is complete but prior to utility connection
    Test on service with 1/2 # increment gauge for 10 minutes at 5 psi
    Gas Piping Certification Form completed
    Refer to Questar Brochure for more info
    Contact Questar to request connection

    New construction requires an Early Power Agreement Form completed
    Contact Rocky Mountain Power to request connection
  8. Does a zoning change affect my taxes?
    Your taxes are charged according to many factors:


    Zoning does not have an affect on taxes.