Records Request

If you wish to receive discovery (i.e., police reports, etc.) of a pending criminal matter in which you are the Defendant, you are encouraged to request this information from your attorney.  If you are representing yourself, please contact the prosecutor handling your case directly.  Do not use the procedures below unless your case is closed or you are not the defendant in the case.


If you would like copies of other records possessed by the County Attorney’s Office you must submit a written GRAMA request (“GRAMA” stands for the Government Records Access and Management Act). Forms can be obtained at (link to county GRAMA form) or at the County Clerk’s Office and must be submitted to the County GRAMA officer by mail, e-mail, or fax.


You may also use the State of Utah Open Records Portal to request Carbon County records.  Please visit


Anyone may submit a GRAMA request, which will be assessed by the County GRAMA officer pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Title 63G, Chapter 2.  Depending on the classification of the documents you request, the documents you requested will be copied and turned over to you, turned over in part, or denied.  A response to your request will be made within 10 business days, unless extraordinary circumstances require a delay in processing your request.  You may be charged a fee for the expense of copying records, in addition to the actual cost incurred by the County in processing your request if the time taken to process your request exceeds 15 minutes.


Juvenile court case files are protected and are generally not released.  However, parents of juveniles accused or convicted of an offense may request a copy of the incident report which will most often be released after personal information is redacted.

Adult criminal case files are private records and only released to the individuals authorized by statute.  Most often some of the information in those files will be released to victims or witnesses after personal information is redacted.

The Carbon County Attorney's Office prosecutes crimes committed within Carbon County through the courts located in Carbon County.  The County Attorney also advises the Carbon County Commission on official county matters.

 The County Attorney does not handles private civil or criminal defense matters. Please contact a private attorney for these items.

 For free legal services for low-income people in non-criminal matters contact Utah Legal Services at 801-328-8891 or 1-800-662-4245, fax: 801-328-8891 Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  If you need a court-appointed attorney for criminal cases, contact the court for an application.

If you feel a crime has been committed, contact your local law enforcement agency.