Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan (CWPP)

Learn more about what Carbon County is doing to prepare for wildfire. Visit us at the Home, Garden, and Recreation Expo on March 15th and 16th.

What is a CWPP?

  • Catastrophic wildfires in the Intermountain West are growing in impact and cost. Recognizing this, the Utah Legislature recently passed Senate Bill 122 (Wildland Fire Policy Updates) in 2016, which establishes a program that aims to lower the financial risk for communities that work with the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands to implement prevention, preparedness, and mitigation actions that are proven to reduce the risk and costs of wildland fire.

  • A “CWPP” is a document that includes baseline information that is developed from environmental and emergency data. It also includes goals that are developed by local residents.  Once adopted, the CWPP will help the county determine what projects they can do to reduce the likelihood and impact of wildfire in the county.”

How will the CWPP be developed?

  • The following three-step process is being implemented to develop the CWPP, including: data gathering, public input, and plan adoption.

    • Data Gathering - We will gather historical and current data to assess the current state of the community and its potential risk. Relevant data includes: vegetation patterns, historical fires, ignitions sources, location of infrastructure, etc.

    • Public Input - Carbon County will identify various stakeholders to provide expert and professional input on the plan. These stakeholders include the private landowners, applicable land management agency representatives, community leaders, county staff, and local fire department staff. This phase also includes a public outreach campaign to further identify plan objectives. This campaign will include a public survey, social media ads, and public open house events.

    • Plan Adoption - After all information is gathered, the plan will be drafted and presented to the county for adoption. The county-approved plan will then be sent to FFSL for final approval.

We Need You!

  • The goals and policies adopted by the county in this plan will be informed by your input. You can contribute through the project survey and at public open house meetings.”

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