Preschool / Daycare Fire Prevention Requirements

General Fire Prevention

  • Clearance of combustibles from ignition sources (12-18 inches).
  • No open flame (decorative candles not allowed).
  • No combustible storage located in mechanical / electrical rooms.
  • Live Christmas trees are not allowed.   Artificial trees only.

Emergency Planning, Employee Training

  • Develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  • Create an Emergency Escape Route Map.   Post on each level of child care.
  • Emergency evacuation drill conducted quarterly.   Keep a written record of date, time, participants, etc.
  • Check smoke detectors monthly. Replace batteries twice a year. Keep a written record of monthly smoke detector checks.

Fire Access, Fire Lanes, Fire Hydrants

  • Keep fire hydrants free of obstructions or debris - 36” radius around fire hydrants.
  • Address numbers need to be visible from the street.   4” numbers that contrast with the background.


  • Heating appliances are “listed” and guarded against accidental contact.
  • Maintain a 36” clearance around electrical service equipment.
  • Extension cords cannot be used in place of permanent wiring.

Fire Protection Systems

  • Smoke alarms required in all hallways, living areas and sleeping areas.
  • Fire sprinklers are required if the size of the home exceeds 4,500 sq.ft.
  • Fire alarms are required if the size of the home exceeds 4,500 sq.ft.
  • Portable fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2a10bc required.
  • Portable fire extinguisher needs to be mounted, serviced and tagged annually.
  • Fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed or obscured from view.


  • Two separate means of escape, arranged so that if one is blocked, the other will be available on each level occupied by clients.
  • Daycare and preschools located in the basement or on the second story shall provide two means of escape, one of which shall discharge directly to the outside. With 5-8 children, a rescue window is allowed. 9-16 children will require a door that leads directly to the outside.
  • Children under the age of 2 ½ shall not be located in a basement or above the main level of the home unless there is a door that exits directly to the outside or the home has fire sprinklers.

Number of Occupants

  • The maximum number of infants or toddlers under the age of 2 ½ is (4).
  • The fire department allows a maximum of 16 children