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The Family Support and Children’s Justice Center serves our community by helping children and their families build stronger and healthier

Parenting in today’s world is not always easy.  The full-time job of being a parent is often complicated by jobs and community demands.  Parents often find themselves in a balancing act, between their family and job.  Parents can often find themselves overwhelmed, exhausted and overstressed.

The Family Support and Children’s Justice Center is designed to be a
resource for parents.  Our safe homelike environment is a place to find help during times of crisis and services to prevent other crisis situations.

We work with many different community agencies to provide you with the best support possible.  The Family Support and Children’s Justice Center helps parents take control of their lives and strengthen their parenting and coping skills.

Crisis Care is the number one priority for using the nursery, before all other reasons. The Crisis Nursery is designed to provide a safe, homelike setting where parents can bring their children when the family is in a stressful situation.

Children are 0-11 years can stay at the Crisis Nursery.  Children can be brought in only by the parents or legal guardian & may stay for periods of up to 72 hours.

The Crisis Nursery is intended to be a means of preventing abuse.  It is not a drop off day-care program.  Reason’s for using the nursery include:

Family Crisis
Dr. Appointments
Medical Emergencies
Mental Health Appointments
Escaping Family Violence
Attending Parent Classes/Divorce Classes
AA Meetings or Narcotic Anonymous

Drop in spaces are available for crisis needs or as space is available.  It is preferred that you call ahead for space availability when scheduling routine appointments, when it’s possible.  When space is limited, appointments will be prioritized as to need.

The Children’s Justice Center is a home-like facility that serves children who might have been physically and/or sexually abused.  The center is designed to help children feel safe and comfortable.  The atmosphere is child-friendly and the interview rooms are designed with children in mind.  Children visit the center while investigators meet with them and their parents. 

A multi-disciplinary team coordinates the interview process and assesses the needs of the children and the families for support services.  

For More Information Call:

The Carbon County Family Support and Children’s Justice Center

80 S Fairgrounds Road 
Price, Utah 84501 
435-636-3739 (information line) 

 Crisis line: 435-650-1297 

Fax (435) 637-8492