Click Here for Base Station Information

WMS Information:
Please enter the below information in your mapping program to connect to and view our high resolution aerial photography. You will also be able to view our historic aerial photgraphs. You will need to change the version number from 1.3.0 to 1.1.0.


Current Aerial Imagery:

Historical Aerial Imagery:

Aerial Projection Information:
Carbon County's WMS aerial imagery is projected in GCS_WGS_1984, Latitude/Longitude.

Data Projection Information:
Carbon County maintains all data in NAD 83, State Plane, Utah Central Zone, Meters

Below are instructions to connect to Carbon County's aerial imagery in ArcGIS:

1. In the Catalog Tree, navigate to GIS SERVERS, double click 'ADD WMS SERVER'.


2. Type in the following URL: '' and Select the following version. Next, click GET LAYERS – select aerial imagery year to display aerial information; CLICK OK. No User name or password are required.

Add WMSserver Window

3. Expand the following and select 2013_High Resolution Aerial by long clicking and dragging the layer to your map workspace. Note: '2013_High Resolution Aerial' is our most recent aerial which was flown May/June 2013.



    Frequency: 464.6250 MHz
    Base Radio Mode: TT450s at 4800 bps