1. What does it cost to eat at the center?
    There is no charge to eat at the center but it is suggested that seniors, if able, make a $3.00 donation toward the cost of a meal.
  2. If I am disabled or low income can I eat at the center for the suggested donation?
    Senior center participation is based solely on age. You must be at least 60 years of age or be a guest of a senior to participate . If you are under the age of 60 years you must pay the full cost of a meal.
  3. If I am under the age of 60 years can I still participate in activities such as exercise classes, painting, ceramics, billiards etc.?
    You may participate in activities IF you are sponsored by a participating senior (that means your sponsor must be present with you).
  4. I am 60 years of age but my spouse is only 59 do I have to pay full price for my spouse?
    No, your spouse may eat for the suggested donation.
  5. Can I purchase a meal to take home to my spouse?
    No. You must be present at the center to receive a meal.
  6. Do you provide containers to take home leftovers?
    No. You must bring your own container from home for leftovers.
  7. How old do you have to be to get meals on wheels?
    You must be 60 years of age and meet state guidelines to receive mobile meals.
  8. How do you qualify for mobile meals?
    A senior center staff member meets with the client in their home and completes a standardized assessment. The assessment is a series of questions about the clients nutrition, mobility and needed assistance. This assessment determines whether or not you qualify.
  9. How much does a mobile meal cost?
    There is no charge to receive mobile meals but it is suggested that seniors, if able, make a $3.00 donation toward the cost of a meal.
    Any donation is greatly appreciated.
  10. How many meals a day can we receive?
    One meal a day. Hot meals are delivered Monday thru Thursday. Frozen meals are provided for the weekends, including Friday, upon request.
  11. Are special accommodations made for clients with allergies and sensitivities to food?
    No. If you have any food allergies or sensitivities you will have to determine if this is the right food for you.
  12. My grandchild is staying with me, can she ride the bus to the senior center with me?
    No. You must be 60 years of age to ride the bus.