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Carbon County GIS Data Disclaimer: Maps and data are to be used for representation purposes only and have not been prepared for legal, engineering or surveying purposes. Carbon County assumes no liability for errors or omissions in any information. The information contained on the cadastral maps is used to locate and identify parcels of land in Carbon County for reference purposes only and is NOT to be interpreted or used as a "legal description." The only legally binding legal description is the description that was recorded in the recorder's office. The GIS database and maps are subject to constant change and the accuracy and completeness cannot be and is not guaranteed.

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Shapefiles Updated  
Address Point Layer 06/2021 Download
Castle Country Non-Motorized Trail System Layer 04/2019 Download
Castle Country Trail System Layer 04/2019 Download
Cities Layer 04/2019 Download
Land Ownership Layer 04/2019 Download
Parcels Layer 06/2021
Railroads Layer 04/2019 Download
Roads Layer 06/2021 Download
Sections Layer 04/2019 Download
Subdivisions Layer 06/2021 Download
Survey Monuments Layer 04/2019 Download
Township & Range Layer 04/2019 Download
Waterbodies Layer 04/2019 Download
Watercourses Layer 04/2019 Download
Wells Layer 04/2019 Download
Zoning Layer
(Zoning Description)
06/2021 Download
Fairgrounds Drone Aerial  2018 Download


WMS Information:

Please enter the below information in your mapping program to connect to and view our high resolution aerial photography. You will also be able to view our historic aerial photographs. You will need to change the version number from 1.3.0 to 1.1.0.


Current Aerial Imagery:

Historical Aerial Imagery:

For more detailed instructions on how to utilize our WMS (aerial imagery), click here.

Projection Information:

Carbon County maintains all data in NAD 83, State Plane, Utah Central Zone, Meters