Carbon County
Regional Airport


3095 E. Airport Rd.
Price, UT 84501


(435) 637-9556

PUC Airport

Carbon County Regional Airport (PUC), also known as Buck Davis Field, is a public-use airport, owned and operated by Carbon County, Utah.

Airport Layout


PUC has three paved runways: Runway 1/19 is the main runway, and Runways 8/26 and 15/33 operate as crosswind runways. Runway 1/19 has a full-length, paved, parallel taxiway, joined by five connector taxiways. Access to portions of Runways 8/26 and 15/33 is also provided by this taxiway system, but neither crosswind runway has a full parallel taxiway.

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Pilot Lounge

Master Plan
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Airport/FBO Services
USU-Eastern Aviation Department

On Site Mechanic
(435) 637-9556


Carbon County Regional Airport (PUC) is located a short 5 minute drive from Price, Utah in the Carbon Corridor.  This makes it easy to get to Dining,  Lodging, Area Attractions, Area Activities.

The Carbon County Regional Airport has continued to consider additional uses for airport. The FAA will allow development near the airport which is also part of the State’s designated Enterprise Zone which provides tax incentives for new businesses. Development related to the airport such as a mechanic shop may allow the Airport to encourage additional air traffic.

Carbon County Airport Master Plan

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Ground Lease Option
Contact Carbon County Commission Office at (435) 636-3226

Utah State University Aviation  Programs


Pilot Program-Aviation Science: MAS

Drone Program-Unmanned Aerial Systems-Minor

How can I buy or lease a hangar?

  • Currently there are no hangers for sale. To build or rent a hanger Contact Carbon County at (435) 636-3226

How can I lease a tie-down space?

  • This can be done by contacting the airport FBO at the Redtail Jet Center or by calling (435) 637-9556

Can I build a hangar at the airport?

  • Contact Carbon County

Can I buy high octane airplane fuel at the airport if it is not for an airplane?

  • Yes this can be done during normal hours of operation Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

What do I need to do to fly my drone within 5 miles of the airport?

  • Call and notify the airport before you fly. There was a recommendation to stay below 500ft

Where do I apply for clearance to use a crane near the airport?

  • Call In advance of erecting a crane or drill rig that is close in proximity to the airport

How do I find out about height restrictions near the airport?

Can I fuel at the airport outside of regular business hours?

  • Yes there is a self service pump that can be accessed 24hrs a day with a credit card

Can a private pilot use the airport?

  • Yes this is a general aviation airport that is accessible to most traffic

Aircraft Pilot Services

Check out the services that we can offer at the Carbon County Regional



Incentives are designed to support economic and neighborhood development through job creation and capital investment in Carbon County.