Family Support

& Children

Justice Center

We strengthen families through the prevention and treatment of child abuse

We provide a safe, homelike environment where parents can bring children during times of high stress, emergency, and conflict. We provide a child-focused setting with a multidisciplinary approach to minimizing the effects of child abuse. We coordinate victim assistance support services, and improve better outcomes for children and families.

The Family Support and Children’s Justice Center (FS/CJC) serves our community by helping children and their families build stronger and healthier Relationships. The center is divided among two separate but compatible programs, The Family Support Center, and the Children’s Justice Center.


Crisis / Respite
Child Care


Home Visiting

Child Abuse Investigations


Outreach Services

The Family Support Center (FSC) offers crisis/respite child care, provides parent education classes, offers home visiting services, and serves as the community outreach hub.

Parenting in today’s world is not always easy. The full-time job of being a parent is often complicated by jobs and community demands. Parents often find themselves in a balancing act, between their family and job. Parents can often find themselves overwhelmed, exhausted and overstressed.

  • Crisis/Respite Childcare: The Crisis Nursery is designed to provide a safe, homelike setting where parents can bring their children when the family is in a stressful situation. The Crisis Nursery is intended to be a means of preventing abuse and reducing parental stress and or a strained relationship.  We do not provide childcare while parents go to work or attend school.
    • Children 0-11 years can stay at the Crisis Nursery.
    • No fees
    • Reasons for using the nursery include:
      • Respite or scheduled break
      • Family Crisis
      • Court
      • Dr. Appointments
      • Medical Emergencies
      • Mental Health Appointments
      • Escaping Family Violence
      • Attending Parent Classes/Divorce Classes
      • AA Meetings or Narcotic Anonymous
      • Other agency obligations
    • Please schedule your child for routine care at least 24 hours in advance. In case of an emergency or crisis please notify the nursery prior to bringing your child. This allows for nursery staff to plan accordingly. Crisis care services are our highest priority.
  • Parent Education
  • Home Visiting
  • Community Outreach and Awareness


Carbon County
Family Support & Children’s Justice Center

80 S Fairgrounds Road
Price, UT 84501


(435) 636-3739


(435) 637-8492


Crisis Line

(435) 650-1297

Emery County
Children’s Justice Center

910 Center St
Castle Dale, Utah 84513


(435) 636-3737

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