Nine Mile Canyon

The Longest Outdoor Art Gallery

This 46-mile-long canyon is full of Archaic, Fremont and Ute rock art, historical ranches and structures. Once featured in National Geographic because of its beauty and intensity.



A Step Back

In Time

Nine Mile Canyon is a step back in time. The stories of people who lived there centuries ago grace the walls of its sheer cliffs. This canyon, filled with the best rock art in the west, gives a view of the life of the Archaic, Fremont and Ute people. This unique canyon outside of Wellington, is an international treasure.

This untouched wilderness allows travelers to see the rock art created centuries ago in the setting that it was created. The varied styles of rock art and evidence discovered by archeologists show that this canyon has been home to Native American Indians for thousands of years.

As you explore the canyon, we want to encourage you to be respectful of the artwork on display. This means avoid touching the rock art and surfaces surrounding the art, do not collet or disturb anything in the area, and if you see people doing any of the above, report it to relevant authorities. These sites are fragile, irreplaceable and protected by law.

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20 miles north of Wellington, UT


Wilderness area with no services. One-day picnic areas offer toilets, picnic tables and can accommodate large groups. No camping in the canyon. There is, however, a private campground in the canyon, Nine Mile Ranch.

3-D Tour

It is advised that visitors take plenty of food and water, check weather conditions. #treadlightly Pack it in & pack it out, do not touch rock art with your hands or any objects. Please respect & protect the beautiful artwork and lands in the canyon.

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