Buried Forest Concretions

A trail for all ages

This trail features a series of large buried concretions coming out of the sheared hillside.


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The buried concretions trail is a short,  one-mile long hiking trail that leads to a hillside with the unique geological concretions that are known to occur throughout the region. These large – some of them are six feet in diameter – circles look like the cross-section of a tree, but infact are thought to be the result of mineral deposits that have been glued together by the groundwater that flows through the sandstone. They are easily spotted given their size and coloring.

While the majority of the short hike is easy to manage, there is a semi-steep section, so make sure you are wearing shoes with good traction. 



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The staging area for the hike is about a 25-minute drive from Price. To get there, you turn on a gravel road 2.4 miles east of the Sunnyside Junction on the south side of Highway 6, then follow the signs.


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