Energy Loop Scenic Byway

The Huntington and Eccles Canyons National Scenic Byway

This scenic byway winds through a national forest, state parks and wildlife management areas, providing breathtaking views and recreation opportunities.



The byway corridor is a recreation hub, offering places for fishing, hiking, camping, ATV riding, picnicking and great scenery.  This byway provides ample opportunities for travelers to enjoy the both rich history and the rich recreation that the area has to offer. The area still maintains many of its industrial productions, such as Skyline Mine, and is situated near many historic sites from its earlier industry days – mines, railways, mining towns, coal-fired plants, museums and ranger-stations. 

The area is also known for prehistoric wildlife, including the Columbian mammoth that lived nearly 9,500 years ago. During the rebuild of the Huntington Reservoir Dam, the nearly complete remains of one of these mammoths was found. The skeleton of the mammoth is now on display at the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum in Price.

Lakes are a sparkling feature throughout the drive, cropping up between the mountainous terrain. Visitors can enjoy Scofield State Park, Electric Lake and Huntington State Park during the drive, as well as smaller reservoirs. A total of 30 interpretive signs line the byway where visitor’s can stop to learn more about the amazing tales & history of the area. 

While most people explore the loop by car, it makes an excellent bike tour as well!




Manti-La Sal National Forest



Vault toilets and camping available throughout the byway




This scenic drive begins in Huntington  which can be reached from US-6/US-191 by taking UT-10 near Price