The repair for the TV problem has been accomplished at Ford Ridge. Normal TV channels should now be available now at all sites. If you have issues please try to rescan your TV. A tower crew was able to reach the communication site and was able to replace the faulty cable up the tower.

We now have conformation of shipment of the backordered parts to fix the problem at Ford Ridge. The equipment should arrive on the 8th of April. After this date the tower crew will set a date to install the new equipment on the tower, depending on weather and safety.

We have ordered the equipment for the repair at the Ford Ridge communication site. We have specified quick delivery and some parts will be here today. Unfortunately some parts are backordered and we are waiting for them to get back into stock. Once in stock they too will be delivered quickly. Once all the parts arrive a tower crew will be sent to the site weather permitting. The issue is a main cable problem for the microwave radio receiver that is used to get the TV channels to us from Salt Lake. The fix will require a tower crew to remove the bad cable and replace it with the new better cable on the tower.

We have implemented at temporary fix to get some channels back on the air. Those that have their antenna pointed towards Ford Ridge and Star Point should have most of the channels. Those in the Helper area should have about half the channels. Those in northeast price and use Wood Hill only have a few channels back. We are working to get Helper and Wood Hill to have the same channels as Ford and Star Point.  This is a temporary fix and there still could be issues until the proper fix has been implemented.