A trip to the Corridor can be an escape from the mundane. From ripping and riding on trails, to scaling rock walls, there will never be a dull moment on this trip. This itinerary was created by thrill seekers, for thrill seekers, so let’s dive into what a trip might look like for you.



A Wild Ride

The perfect way to start your Carbon Corridor adventure is by taking your tires to the trails, and there is no better place to do that than the Wood Hill Trail System. Wood Hill has over 30 miles of single-track mountain bike trails fit for the whole family, whether it is someone's first ride, or they are a seasoned pro, there are trails for everyone.



Spend Your Afternoon At the Prehistoric museum

Then you can travel back in time thousands of years when you visit the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum. Explore the hall of dinosaurs and see fossils of both carnivores and herbivores, all found just a stone’s throw away from the museum. Discover amazing archaeological finds as well, spanning across different time periods and cultures.


At the end of the day, grab dinner at one of the local restaurants. From local favorites to retro hang-outs, there are plenty of options to choose from. As one visitor noted "you can head back to the days of sock-hops and poodle skirts when you eat at Sherald’s Frosty Freeze Drive In. Enjoy classic favorites like a hand-spun milkshake, cheeseburger, italian soda, hot sandwiches, and so much more."



Day two will be an adventure packed day, so fuel up with some delicious breakfast at one of the local restaurants where you can enjoy a whole spread of American breakfast classics. 

Exploring Nine Mile Canyon

Head out to Nine Mile Canyon to see some of the amazing archeological finds you saw in the Prehistoric Museum, out in their natural environment. The Nine Mile Canyon is actually 46 miles long, and filled with Ute and Fremont Era rock art. The untouched wilderness allows visitors to see nearly 1000 petroglyphs depicting a variety of scenes. 


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Stay for or a night or a week, there's lots to see while you're here.