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This application contains information to assist you in applying for a Conditional Use Permit for the following types of projects including but not limited to:


  • Industrial Projects
  • Manufacturing, Compounding, Processing, Fabrication and Warehousing of Goods and Materials
  • Mountain Recreation Projects
  • Natural Gas Production Facilities and Compressor Stations
  • Major Utility Transmission and Railroad Projects
  • Sites for Construction Companies
  • Truck Terminals
  • Mine and Well Machinery and Storage
  • Hotels, Motels and Apartments
  • Buildings, Silos, and Structures for Agricultural Products, Fruits, Vegetables
  • Reservoirs over 10 acre feet in capacity
  • Forest and Plant Nurseries and Greenhouses
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Institutional Campgrounds
  • Public and Parochial Schools
  • Bed and Breakfast Facilities
  • Lodging Houses
  • Automobile Service Establishments
  • Communication Towers
  • Public and Private Airports
  • Caretaker Dwellings
  • Single Family Dwellings
  • Minor Utility Transmission Projects
  • Major Utility Transmission Projects
  • Automobile and Motorcycle Racetracks
  • Intermediate Security for Minor’s facilities
  • Residential Support Facilities
  • Residential Treatment Facilities
  • Rental Cabins
  • Outpatient Treatment facilities
  • Social De-Tox facilities
  • Day Treatment Facilities
  • Electric Power Generating Plants
  • Mines, Pits and Quarries
  • Petroleum Products Processing and Storage Areas
  • Automobile Wrecking and Salvage Yards
  • Storage, Processing and Loading of Earth Products
  • Animal Hospitals and Veterinarian Services
  • Livestock and Commodity Auctions
  • Animal Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics
  • Fairgrounds, Arenas, Racetracks, Training and Correctional Facilities
  • Exploratory and Production Wells
  • Underground and Surface Mines
  • Factory Built and RV Parks
  • Dude Ranches

Following is a list of persons who can assist you in making application:

Carbon County Planning
(435) 636-3261

County Road Department
(435) 636-3268

County Weed Department
(435) 636-3270

County Engineer Department
(435) 636-3231

State Road Department
(435) 636-1470

SE Utah District Health Department
(435) 637-3671

Utah State DEQ
(435) 637-3671

PRWID, Water & Sewer
(435) 637-6350

SRSSD, Scofield Reservoir Area Sewer
(435) 636-3220

Utah State Engineer, Water Rights & Well Permits
(435) 613-3750

DOGM, Gas Wells & Mines
(435) 613-5659


  1. Meet with staff to determine the zoning district your project will be in and whether a Conditional Use Permit is required or not.
  2. If a Conditional Use Permit is required, complete the following items and submit to the Planning Department at least two weeks prior to the first Tuesday of the month or as required by the Zoning Administrator.
    • Application
    • Detailed description of proposed use, including any parking, building access and equipment used
    • Impacts and how they will be mitigated
    • 8.5 x 11 location map
    • Site and Building Plan showing property lines, setbacks, structures, utilities, roads
    • Dept. Sign offs from County Engineer/Roads-Access/Weeds
    • $300.00 Application fee
    • Engineers estimate of cost of project
  3. Present your request to the Planning Commission, which meets the first Tuesday of every month, and explain the details of the project.  The Planning Commission will go through the conditions required and consider whether the project be approved or denied. You may also present to the Zoning Administrator in office, if recommended by the Zoning Administrator. (10 day public notice is required)
  4. Your presentation to the Planning Commission or Zoning Administrator should address the following possible concerns to assure that the proposed use will be harmonious with neighboring uses, will comply with the Utah Code, the County Development Code, and Master Plan:
    1. Conditions relating to health, including water and sewer hookup/disposal issues.
    2. Conditions relating to safety.
    3. Conditions relating to noise.
    4. Conditions relating to compliance with the Master Plan or special characteristics of the zoning district in which the project will be located.
    5. Conditions relating to performance of completion of the project.
    6. Conditions relating to County roads.
    7. Conditions relating to the effect of the use on neighboring and nearby properties.
    8. Conditions relating to the public's interest in general, such as impacts on watersheds, recreation, wildlife, aesthetics, etc.
    9. Permits, licenses, or other certifications that may be required by other governmental entities.
  5. Upon approval by the Planning Commission or Zoning Administrator, submit an engineer’s estimate of the total cost of the project.  This amount will be multiplied by .2% (.002), which is the fee for a Conditional Use Permit.  If this computed amount is less than $300, the fee is covered by the application fee mentioned in number 2, above.  If more than $300.00, any additional amount is due before the Permit will be issued.
  6. If approved with the Zoning Administrator in office, the County must advertise (notice) the approval for a minimum 10 days in the local paper, and the Utah State Public Notice Website to receive any public appeal requests.  You the applicant will be charged for an advertisement placed in the Sun Advocate newspaper noticing the approval.
  7. If no appeals are received, the CUP with conditions set will be signed with a notary by you and the Planning Commission Chair. Upon receipt of all zoning fees, approval noticed, and all signatures acquired, staff will issue the Conditional Use Permit and will be recorded on the parcel with the County Recorder.
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