Hiawatha Hideout

Camp or hunker down like Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch probably did at the Hiawatha Hideout!

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The Perfect spot for an outlaw-style adventure.

This cattle ranch is a picturesque, convenient and well-hidden camping destination in the Corridor. The Hideout offers camping on four designated rustic campsites. The ranch is an active goat, sheep and cattle ranch where campers can get off the grid and enjoy some peace and solitude.

The campsites are primitive, dry sites (there are no hot showers, no potable drinking water, no fixed toilet facilities and no sewer hookup — but there is a well maintained port-a-potty and non-potable water for washing, cleaning and showering–  located at the main wagon wheel camp area). The sites are booked through hipcamp, where you can learn more about this unique camping experience.

The sites are family & large group-friendly providing virtually unlimited camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, photography, wildlife viewing and exploring opportunities in and around Utah’s (less well-known, yet truly spectacular) San Rafael Swell Wilderness and Recreation Areas!