Additional Law Enforcement Services

Additional Law Enforcement Services Available

Listed below are additional services provided by the County Sheriff Office.

Sheriff Business Office

240 W Main St
Price, UT 84501


Mon - Thurs, 7am to 5pm
Closed Fri - Sun & Holidays


(435) 636-3251


Jeff Wood
Term 2019-2022


Sheriff / Jail

Emergency Contact

Dial 911

Non Emergency Dispatch

Request a Deputy
(435) 637-0890

Chief Deputy

Cletis Steele
(435) 636-3251

Jail Commander

(435) 636-3254

Victims Advocate

(435) 636-3250

Give a Tip

(435) 472-TIPS (8177)

Civil Processing

One of the Sheriff’s statutory responsibilities is to provide the citizens of Carbon County a way to serve civil papers relating to judicial actions filed with the court.

Some of the civil paper services offered are protective orders, judgements, garnishments, summons, writ of assistance and subpoenas.

Our Civil Processing Deputies are professional and well trained in providing the best service to those involved in court cases.

We provide personal service of court documents in civil and criminal matters. The fees are as follows:
$20.00 flat fee plus $2.50 per mile for Eviction Notices, Orders, Notices, Garnishments & Garnishee Orders, Executions, Subpoenas, Summons & Complaints.

$50.00 flat fee plus $2.50 per mile from Executions, Civil Bench Warrants, Writ of Possession or Restitution.
Notice of Sale (Trustee & Sheriff) is $15.00 per posting plus $2.50 per mileage.

Mileage is calculated from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, 240 West Main, Price, Utah to the destination.
$20.00 (per person) but only 1 charge for mileage if both residing at the same address.

We accept civil papers emailed, faxed or through the US Postal Service.

Sex Offender Registry

Carbon County Sheriff’s Office registers sex offenders that live in the county at large. These registrations have to be made in person.

View the Utah Department of Corrections SONAR (Sex and Kidnap Offender Notification and Registration) Database.

Records Request - GRAMA

Carbon County Sheriff’s Office requires a GRAMA request for any police reports, photos, Dash Cam / Videos or booking photos.

Police Reports are $5.00, Photos, $25.00, DashCam / Videos $25.00.

GRAMA requests are available at the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office (in person or can be emailed).

Also, there is a GRAMA request online that goes through the Carbon County Clerk’s Office.

Burn Permits

Open Burning Dates:
March 1 - May 31

For Burn Approval Contact:
Jeremay Jorgensen
(435) 630-4789

Spotlighting Permits

Carbon County Sheriff’s Office has Spotlighting Permits available The permit is $10.00 per year. An application can be picked at the office. A background check will be done on all applicants.


Hours are Monday - Friday, 6pm to 8pm and Saturday - Sunday, 9am to 8pm.

Live scan and criminal prints only. You will need your paperwork and a photo ID and for Live scan prints the cost is $10.00.

Extra Patrol

Extra patrol is available for folks who are requesting an extra police presence for a number of reasons.

You can request an extra patrol by calling the sheriff’s office Monday - Thursday, 7am-5pm or contact dispatch at (435) 637-0890 after hours.