Tax Exemption

For property tax exemption for businesses who are registered as a non-profit (501c3).

Clerk / Auditor’s Office

751 East 100 North Ste #1100
Price UT, 84501

Clerk / Auditor

Seth Marsing
Term 2023-2026




(435) 636-3221



Tax Exempt Entities

If your organization is recognized as a non-profit and you have filed for 501c3 status you may qualify for Carbon County tax exempt status as well.

Your organization must exist primarily for Religious, Charitable, or Educational purposes.

Yearly Renewal

Yearly renewal is required for county tax exemption with a deadline of April 1st each year. The renewal form is mailed to you the first week of February. If you did not receive a form in the mail and you want to continue your tax exempt status, please complete and submit the following form.

Tax Exemption Request Application

If you would like to apply for tax exempt status with Carbon County, please complete the application below and submit it to our office. Please include all required supporting documents with your application.

Once approved, your organization will need to continue filing an application every year in order to retain tax exempt status. (Supporting documents do not need to be submitted every year.)

Complete the Property Tax Exemption application and mail or deliver to the Clerk's office at the address listed below by April 1st each year.

Property Tax Exemption (PDF)