Employee Recognition
And Nomination

Recognizing County Employees for a Job Well Done!

Did you have an experience with a county employee who went above and beyond? Here is your chance to nominate them for employee of the month or for special employee recognition.


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Employee of the Month

Each month we recognize an employee of the month. Employees are encouraged to nominate co-workers and the selected employee will be recognized at the first Commission meeting of the month. The Employee of the Months is awarded a gift card along with a plaque.

To nominate an employee, email personnel@carbon.utah.gov the employee's name, the department they work for and the reason that you are nominating them.

County Employee Recognition

Recognitions are an opportunity to recognize an employee that goes above and beyond their normal duties. To submit a recognition email personnel@carbon.utah.gov with the name of the employee, the department they work for and the reason for the recognition.

Employee's of the Month