Mobile Meals
For Seniors

Home Delivery Meal Program

The mobile meal program (also called Home Delivered Meals) was established by the older Americans Act to meet the Dietary Guidelines for aging Americans. The program is monitored by the State Division of Aging and coordinated by the State Aging and Adult Services (our local AAA director) The local program is sponsored by Carbon County Governments. Funding for the program comes from the federal and state government, Carbon County, and Price City.

Price Center

418 South Fairgrounds Way
Price, UT 84501


Mon - Thurs, 8am to 4pm


(435) 636-3202


(435) 636-3203



Senior Services

East Carbon Center

451 Denver Ave
East Carbon City, UT 84520


Mon - Thurs, 8am to 4pm


(435) 888-2194


(435) 888-2195

Mobile Meal Program

Meals on Wheels provide balanced meals consisting of meat or other protein food, vegetables, fruit, bread, milk and dessert (diabetic desserts are provided for those who are diabetic.) The meals are available Monday thru Thursday in Price and East Carbon. Frozen meals can be delivered for the weekend upon request. When a client knows they will not be home to receive a meal, we ask to be notified in advance.

Each participant must be assessed and those individuals who have been determined to be “homebound” will be eligible to receive meals. Income is not used to determine eligibility for the program. Those who qualify will be reassessed annually.

Participants 60 years and older are provided the opportunity to voluntarily and anonymously contribute a suggested donation of $3.00 per meal. All donations are appreciated.

Additional Information

Seniors on the mobile meal program must be home at time of meal delivery. If there is a day the client will not be home at the time of delivery please notify us any time in advance and no later than 9am the day of the client not being home.

The Price Center’s number is (435) 636-3202 and East Carbon is (435) 888-2194 or (435) 636-3703.

Salt is not added to our food during preparation; however they are not salt free.

The mobile meal driver must be able to enter the home to deliver the meal.

If the client has any dogs we ask that they be put up long enough for the driver to come in and deliver the meal.

Substitutions will only be offered for liver/fish if there is a medical reason and we have verification on file from your physician.