Victim’s Advocate / Victim's of Crime Services

The Carbon County Victims Advocate supports and advocates for victims navigating the aftermath of trauma and crime with dignity and compassion.

We provide resources, education, referrals, and court support for victims and witnesses as they move through the criminal justice process. We also help with protective orders, stalking injunctions, notify and educate victims of court hearings, proceedings, and criminal process. Ensure victims of crime are apprised of his/her rights. Assist in preparation for courtroom testimony. Refer victims for counseling and treatment as needed. Assist victims of violent crimes in applying for financial aid.

Sheriff Business Office

240 W Main St
Price, UT 84501


Mon - Thurs, 7am to 5pm
Closed Fri - Sun & Holidays


(435) 636-3251


Jeff Wood
Term 2019-2022


Sheriff / Jail

Emergency Contact

Dial 911

Non Emergency Dispatch

Request a Deputy
(435) 637-0890

Chief Deputy

Cletis Steele
(435) 636-3251

Jail Commander

(435) 636-3254

Victims Advocate

(435) 636-3250

Give a Tip

(435) 472-TIPS (8177)

Meet with the Victim's Advocate

To contact or schedule an appointment with the County Victims Advocate by calling (435) 636-3250.

Services / Resources

Utah Office for Victims of Crime

Carbon County Victims’ Advocate Contact Information:
Carbon County Sheriff
(435) 636-3250

Price City Victims’ Advocate Contact Information:
(435) 636-3176

Victim Advocate (PDF)

VineLink Offender Tracking System

Utah Legal Services

Carbon County Family Support & Children’s Justice Center
80 S Fairgrounds Rd
Price, UT 84501
(P) (435) 636-3739
(F) (435) 637-8492

Crisis Line: (435) 650-1297

Colleen Quigley Women’s Center

Adult Protective Services

Utah Division of Child and Family Services

211 Info and Referral

Utah Sex Offender Registry

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition