The Carbon Corridor is a winter wonderland in the colder months, offering a plethora of activities for all ages. Many of the winter festivities revolve around Utah’s Christmas Town celebration in Helper, such as the famous electric light parade and breakfast with Santa.

The Corridor is also known for its recreational activities in the winter as the lakes and mountains offer fun for all. Here are just a few of the opportunities awaiting Carbon Corridor visitors in the winter.

Snowmobiling trails can be found at Scofield state park, in Huntington Canyon, and Joe’s Valley. Always check the rules and regulations posted by the state to make sure you are using the trails designated for motorized recreation.

Ice fishing is a local favorite, with many locals have favorite spots and lore of epic catches. If you are looking to get out on the ice, we would recommend Scofield State Park, or Millsite state park just to the south of the Corridor. If you really want to test your skills sign up for the Millsite on Ice Fishing Competition that usually takes place in late January, early February weather permitting!

While we don’t have a formal trail system, some would say this makes the Corridor the perfect destination for backcountry skiing. The locals will talk up Granger Ridge, Trough Spring Ridge as top destinations for those that know where to go. For easy access, Scofield and the Forest Service trails in the Manti-la sal National Forest would be your best bet.

Looking for a fun way to wear out the kids? Sledding in the parks, or up Horse Canyon is a great way to do it! Kids and adults alike hike up the hills and bomb back down them on sunny winter afternoons. It is a great workout, along with a lot of fun!

Hoping for a peaceful walk in the wintery woods? Grab your snow shoes and get out in any one of the state parks around the corridor. The trails will be uncrowded and the sights simply stunning!

If you want a little adrenaline to round out your winter weekends, snow-kiting may just be the answer for you.  This is the winter equivalent to kiteboarding, it uses large kits to pull people around on snowboards, skis or even ice skates. As the wind whips by, you will find yourself rocketing across the field or frozen reservoir. If it sounds a little risky for you, this also makes a killer spectator sport! Popular destinations for snow kiters are up on Skyline Overlook, and Huntington State Park.

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