Geocaching is a great way to experience the Corridor. These high tech treasure hunts are hidden all around the Corridor, offering people a chance to explore and get to know some of the areas top attractions and hidden gems.

Geocaching offers year round fun that can be had by all. Participants are given clues to hidden caches that can be located via hints and GPS coordinates that are posted on In Carbon County, there are over 80 caches just waiting to be found. And in the early summer 2023 the Corridor is launching a new SPX GeoTour. This tour is designed to raise awareness around Stewardship, Preservation and responsible Xploration of the area.

If you are eager to get out and start hunting for these hidden caches, then log on to and create an account and search up "Carbon County, Utah" and if you find a cache or enjoy trying, be sure to post it to social (no location spoilers!!!) using the the hashtag #CachingCarbon.

Overwhelmed and don't know where to start? There is a series of caches all labelled "Coal Camp Trail" that speak of the history of the area and offer some fun challenges as you learn more about the area. Up for a challenge? Check out "The Trees Have Eyes (Night Cache)," this one can be tricky to find, but on a clear night you will also be able to enjoy the starry night sky this region is known for. Short on time? Helper downtown has some great caches hidden around the historic buildings just waiting for you to find them!




Featured Location

SPX GeoTour
Launching in early summer 2023 this tour takes cachers around the Corridor learning about Stewardship, Preservation and Xploration as they hunt and discover a series of fun, informational caches!

If you want some place off the beaten path with some fun geocaching opportunities, head out to Scofield Reservoir.