SPX GeoTour

Stewardship, Preservation, Exploration

Join us on this fun, high-tech scavenger hunt and learn more about our area with every clue and cache you find along the way.



The SPX GeoTour features nearly 35 caches hidden all around the Corridor just waiting for you to find them. This high tech treasure hunt will take you to many of the must-see spots in the area and each clue is designed to help you learn more about Stewardship, Preservation, and responsible Xploration of our historical, prehistorical and natural resources.

The SPX GeoTour is one of only 70 official GeoTours available worldwide, and tucked into several of the hidden caches are some cool souvenirs and prizes for you to collect. To get the full SPX experience, go out and try to find them all – finding all 35 caches gets you a digital completion badge from GeoCaching.com.

The 2024 GeoTour launches June 1, 2024 with a kick-off event at the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum! RSVP on Facebook and start planning your trip to the Corridor.

If you are interested in getting started, you can learn more about the Tour and download the passport on geocaching.com or stop in at the Visitor Center and pick up a paper version of the passport.

Have fun hunting!



Caches are hidden through out Carbon County. Most locations are accessible year round.


Attend our 2024 GeoTour on June 1st, and learn more.

To learn more about geocaching or the SPX GeoTour visit www.geocaching.com


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