The Roundabout

Explore the Road to Adventure

With so much to see and do around Carbon and Emery Counties, a new visitor can get overwhelmed with where to start. The Roundabout is a driving route that takes you by some of the regions best destinations, full of heartstopping adventure, geologic wonders and regional flavors. In other words, it is a great place to start no matter what you are in to.


Hidden loop

This 180-mile driving loop will take you around the region, highlighting many of the attractions and destinations hidden in the hills, valleys, and historic towns of less-travelled Utah. It’s full of centuries-old rock art, the remnants of past coal and uranium mining, rocky summits, slot canyons, dinosaur fossils and premier golf courses. 

As you make your way around, be sure to stop and enjoy the small towns along the way. Dine with the locals, grab a souvenir or five, and get a sense of rural life.

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Golf Day Away

Some of the most panoramic golfing can be found in the Utah desert, with rugged cliffs and flowing rivers serving as the backdrop to a great game.

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Relaxing Weekend

The best of everything: get the perfect taste of adventure, dinosaurs, history, and relaxation.

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Regional History

Marvel at the scenes etched and painted into sandstone walls by the people of the Barrier Canyon and Fremont Cultures. Discover traces of the Old Spanish Trail that connected Santa Fe and Southern California, and relive the westward expansion that the construction of the railroad ushered in.

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Natural History

In this part of the high desert discover layers of history in the jagged rock formations and canyons, track the traces of prehistoric worlds when dinosaurs roamed, and discover that attracted new settlers to this arid landscape.

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