Think you know the Carbon Corridor?


The Carbon Corridor is full of history, cool attractions and so much more. So we have come up with some fun trivia to test your knowledge.

Click on the questions below to test your knowledge of the area, then explore the links at the bottom of the page to plan out ways to get out and explore our many historical sites, fun outdoor areas and historic downtowns. There is something for everybody along the Corridor - you just have to find it.


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Let's see how well you know the Corridor! Click on a question below to reveal the answer. Happy guessing!

Answer: The Castlegate Coal Mine

The explosion is considered the state's second worst mining accident. There were no survivors and the cause of the explosion was never determined.

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We have put together some fun activity sheets for you to download and share. If you complete them, send them along to us at... and we MAY just send you a little something for your effort!

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