We Welcome your Business to Carbon County

Carbon County issues business licenses to businesses located in the unincorporated areas of the County. If you live within the boundaries of a municipality (East Carbon City, Wellington City, Price City, Helper City, Scofield City), you must apply for a business license with them.

Clerk / Auditor’s Office

751 East 100 North Ste #1100
Price UT, 84501

Clerk / Auditor

Seth Marsing
Term 2023-2026




(435) 636-3221



How to Apply for a Business License

Business License Application Procedure

  • Complete the Business License Application
  • Planning Department Approval
    • All applications must be approved by the Planning & Zoning Department before returning it to the clerk’s office*
    • Planning & Zoning Department

751 East 100 North, Suite 2600 Price, UT 84501 - (435) 636-3260

  • Clerk’s Office Filing
    • After the application is completed**, return it to the Clerk’s office and pay your fee. A fee schedule is located in the county ordinance and will be prorated on a four quarter year.
      • Costs would drop by a 1/4 each quarter. For a full time business license the cost is $100 a year: A new business license being established during the Second Quarter April-June would cost $75.00, Third Quarter July-Sept $50.00 and Fourth Quarter Oct - Dec. $25.00.

      • Part Time is $50.00 a year: Second Quarter April-June $37.50, Third Quarter July-Sept. $25.00 and Fourth Quarter Oct-Dec $12.50

Clerk’s Office
751 East 100 North, Suite 1100, Price, UT 84501
(435) 636-3227

*Fee may apply

**Include a copy of the following with your business license application:

  • State name registration, or stamped articles of incorporation (only page showing name)
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • State Sales Tax ID Number or proof of exemption
  • A business dealing only in service with no product sales is only required to write “no product sales” in the state tax number section
  • Proof of Professional License, if required.
  • Proof of Identity or State Issued Driver's License
  • Commission Approval – After turning your Business License & Fees in to the Clerk’s Office, it will be sent to the   Commission for approval. After receiving it back to the Clerk’s Office from the Commission is when the Business License will be approved and valid.

 Business Registration with the State of Utah

  • Register your business name with the Utah Department of Commerce (801-530-4849).
  • Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number, if applicable to your business, from the IRS (801-799-6963).
  • Obtain a Utah State Sales Tax ID Number, if applicable to your business, from the Utah State Tax Commission (801-297-2200).

A Business License Certificate will be mailed to you when approvals have been received from the Planning & Zoning Department and the County Commissioners

Sample Application Form (PDF)

Business License Fees & Payment Information

We accept cash, check or credit card*.

You may pay for your license in person at the Carbon County Clerk's Office (office information listed below) during our regular business hours, over the phone using your credit card*, or you may send a check by mail.

Part time business licenses are $50.00 per year.

Full time regular business licenses are $100 per year.

Industrial, trucking or other business types require additional fees. Please contact our office for more information.

*Note: There is an additional 2.5% transaction fee for payment by credit card.

Annual Renewal of Business Licenses

You need to renew your business license by January 31 of each year. You can close your business at any time by completing a Closure Statement.

If any person shall neglect, fail or refuse to pay the amount assessed when it becomes due on any license by January 31 of that year, a penalty of 25% shall be added to the original amount. Additional penalties shall be imposed as follows:

  • Any license fee which is delinquent after February 28 shall be assessed a penalty of 50%
  • Any license fee which is delinquent after March 31 shall be assessed a penalty of 100%
  • Any license fee which is delinquent after April 30 shall be assessed a penalty of 200% (Carbon County Ordinances 281 and 509)

If we have not heard from you by May 1st, a Sheriff’s Officer will be assigned to visit your business to verify if you are still in business. The officer may issue a fine for operating a business without a license.