Road Opening Ordinance and Construction Standards

Current standards and applications are posted here for residents and businesses in the County.

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Available Documents

The county provides information on ordinances and permitting for all road related projects.

The following resources are available for download:

Issuance of Permits for encroachment on county roads

Ordinance No. 526

County Road Construction Standards & Drawings

Section 12 Engineering, Design and Construction 2021 Final

Ordinance 539 Amending Section Twelve of the Development Code B

Class 1 Road Encroachment Permit

Class 1 Permit- For a driveway attaching to a county road. For excavations along, but not within, county roads.

Class 1 Road Encroachment Permit Application

Connection of residential driveways, parking areas, culverts or other structures affecting or altering the shoulder of the existing county roadway.

Class 2 Road Encroachment Permit

Class 2 Permit - For excavations within county roads.

Class 2 Road Encroachment Permit Application 

Encroachment by grading, construction, reconstruction, surfacing or resurfacing, alignment or realignment, excavation, boring or jetting, obstruction, removal of materials, vibroseising, heavy haulage (travel over County roadways by vehicles exceeding 21,000 pounds gross vehicle weight), or use exceeding the normal function or use of County roads including extraordinary use.