The Corridor

The Carbon Corridor is a year round riding destination for those looking to get high and low, up and around on four wheels. The Corridor has over 250 miles of OHV trails that cover a wide variety of terrain. While this area isn't as well known as some other popular riding areas, that just means that there are fewer crowds, and more opportunities to get out there on your own.

The trail system that extends across the county is a network of dirt access roads, old mining routes and dusty trails that take you to amazing vista points and through scenic passes. The difficulty with riding here is that our trails don't have formal names and published descriptions, instead they are hidden escapes and tucked away treasures. Those interested in riding the corridor should pick up a map, load up the GPS, or grab a local who is in the know and get out there!

The trails in the county will take you up into the aspens, across rolling hillsides and down into the red rock lined canyons that the area is known for. Eagle eyed riders will spot the wildlife that is hidden amongst the rocks, and the art that has been etched into the landscape by the Native Americans that once called these canyons home.

The popular riding areas are the trail up to Bruin Point, the Daddy Canyon Complex in Nine Mile Canyon and Gordon Creek just to name a few!

Just to the South of the Corridor is the Arapeen Trail System, an extensive trail system that allows you to ride from canyon to canyon in the Manti-LaSal National Forest.

There are several organized rides and clubs in the area that welcome riders from outside of the area. We recommend you check out the Castle Country OHV Association, and the Arapeen OHV Jamboree that happens annually in the fall.


Featured Location

Gordon Creek
From waterfalls to an abandoned cabin this ride has a little something for everybody.

Bruin Point
History buffs and wildlife enthusiasts alike enjoy this ride.