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Below you will find a list of agreements that may bee needed during your construction process.  Not all may be required for your specific project, but this page will help you with the needs of each agreement.

To schedule an inspection
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Director of Building & Planning

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Administrative Assistant

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Building Inspector

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Early Power Agreement

Agreement to connect permanent electrical power to a structure; however, the structure is NOT certified for occupancy.

Requirements for inspection:

  • 1 GFI protected receptacle completed, including cover
  • Panel must be closed and marked
  • Electrical installation must comply with the National Electrical Code

Early Power Agreement (PDF)

Owner Builder Certification Agreement

This form must be completed if a property owner intends to serve as their own contractor on a project that will be used for personal, non-commercial and non-public use.

The property owner must complete the Owner Builder Certification Agreement to comply with the Construction Trades Licensing Act.

Owner / Builder Contract (PDF)

Gas Piping Certification


This document must be completed and posted on the job by the gas piping installer PRIOR to inspection by the Carbon County Building Department. It will be used to verify the installation and kept as a permanent record with the permit files for the job.

The inspection and notification to Dominion Energy will not be done if this form is not on the job site at the time of the scheduled inspection.

Gas Piping Certification (PDF)

Road Encroachment Application

Building Permit Fee Exemption-Agricultural Use Application


I. As defined by the Utah State Construction Code Administration Act Section 15A-1-202:

a. “Agricultural Use” means a use that relates to the tilling of soil and raising crops, or keeping or raising domestic animals.

b. “Approved Code” means a code, including the standards and specifications contained in the code approved by the division under Section 15A-1-204 for use by a compliance agency.

c. “Approved Code” does not include the State Construction Code.

d. “Building” means a structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy and any improvements attached to it.

II. Utah State Construction Code Administration Act Section 15A-1-204(11)(a) states that “except as provided in Subsection (11)(b), a structure used solely in conjunction with agriculture use, and not for human occupancy, or a structure that is no more than 1,500 square feet and used solely for the type of sales described in Subsection 59-12-104(20), is exempt from the permit requirements of the State Construction Code.

a. Subsection (11)(b)(i) states that unless exempted by a provision other than Subsection (11) (a), a plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permit may be required when the work is included in a structure described in Subsection (11)(a).

b. Subsection (11)(b)(ii) states that unless located in whole or in part in an agricultural protection area created under Title 17, Chapter 41, Agriculture and Industrial Protection Area, a structure described in Subsection (11)(a) is not exempt from a permit requirement if the structure is located on land that is:

i. Within the boundaries of a city or town, and less than 5 contiguous acres; or

ii. Within a subdivision for which the county has approved a subdivision plat under Title 17, Chapter 27a, Part 6, Subdivisions, and less than 2 contiguous acres.

Building Permit Fee Exemption-Agricultural Use Application

Demolition Application

Contact the Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ) at for information on asbestos inspection and submitting the State Demo Notification Form.

Contact Carbon County for info on owner builder demos.

Carbon County Landfill: Airport Road, Price (435) 636-0005

ECDC Environmental:  1111 West Highway 123, East Carbon, UT (435) 888-4452


All information and signatures are required before a demolition permit can be issued.

All demolitions, destructive salvage and house moving are subject to Federal Reg. 40 DFT 61.145(a) and/or State Rules UAC R307-801-9 even when there is NO asbestos found in the structure.


International Building Code (IBC) CHAPTER 33 




3303.1 Construction documents.

Construction documents and a schedule for demolition shall be submitted where required by the building official. Where such information is required, no work shall be done until such construction documents or schedule, or both, are approved.

3303.2 Pedestrian protection.

The work of demolishing any building shall not be commenced until pedestrian protection is in place as required by this chapter.

3303.3 Means of egress.

A horizontal exit shall not be destroyed unless and until a substitute means of egress has been provided and approved.

3303.4 Vacant lot.

Where a structure has been demolished or removed, the vacant lot shall be filled and maintained to the existing grade or in accordance with the ordinances of the jurisdiction having authority.

3303.5 Water accumulation.

Provision shall be made to prevent the accumulation of water or damage to any foundations on the premises or the adjoining property.

3303.6 Utility connections.

Service utility connections shall be discontinued and capped in accordance with the approved rules and the requirements of the applicable governing authority.

3303.7 Fire safety during demolition.

Fire safety during demolition shall comply with the applicable requirements of this code and the applicable provisions of Chapter 56 of the International Fire Code.


Demolition Application (PDF)

*This form is to be included with the Building Permit Application